The dynamic mix of cultural infusion and modern materials in this office sets the ideal stage for high interactivity and lively collaborative work.

A closer look would reveal intriguing details that blend artistic and cultural nuances with modern features to establish an expressive design language that is unique to SEA Money yet cohesive with SEA Group’s primary corporate identity.
Space optimisation was vital to ensure a comfortable and smooth flow of movement from one place to another, leading to an effective open floor plan that houses several work areas.

The materials and functional details derived from a cultural point of view play a distinctive part in pulling various features together.
The office interior, devoid of excessive decor and ornamentation, is striking in its simplicity and elegance, thanks to meticulously selected materials that balance out the minimal aesthetic. Its modern professional setting also takes into account the well-being of its occupants, ensuring higher work performance and improved productivity within a collaborative environment.
For the pantry, a predominantly warm wood tone sets off a calm and cosy mood. Wood chairs with grey upholstery lend a serene feel to the space while kitchen cabinets with clean finishing are tucked to the side wall to maintain a spacious layout. One of the highlights of the pantry is the generous city view and natural light streaming in, making it yet another favourite spot for employees to get together for informal discussions, meals, or casual chats.

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