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SEA Finance’s newly expanded headquarter is a contemporary workspace that features a dynamic mix of local cultural infusion and modern materials, setting the stage for high interactivity and lively collaborative work.

A closer look would reveal a blend of artistic and cultural details that is not only unique to SEA Finance but also cohesive with SEA Groups’ primary corporate identity.
Behind the entrance is a mixed-use lounge area for visitors, which doubles up as a co-working space. A grey palette with wood veneer furnishing and flooring keeps the space cosy and luxurious.

The space is then complemented with sofa sets and a long desk and completed with a small pantry.
Curvilinear ceilings and corresponding floor patterns visually separate the area, without the usage of walls, while a custom-made shelving unit and two phone booths on the side provide a sense of privacy without enclosing the entire space.
Tucked between two lugh green walls, is the main highlight of the space, resembling a life-sized abacus. This eye-catching feature is one of the symbolic wealth elements in the office to reflect SEA Finance’s core business.

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