Vibrant and lively, the refurbishment of FWD's office in Singapore was more than just a makeover. A key requirement was for the 12,000 sq ft workplace to align with their brand identity as a progressive insurance company empowered by technology.

The result? A space with a bright, zesty palette that is not only functional and dynamic but one that inspires employees to create work that is brimming with joy.
Taking FWD's location in Singapore into consideration, a contemporary-meets-cultural approach was taken when designing the space. ​

A large orange backdrop with the company’s logo, paired with Peranakan tiles in a cool grey underfoot instantly captures one’s eye upon entering the space. The infusion of the local touch not only balances out the elements but provides a laid back atmosphere that sets the tone for the entire working space.
The space then opens out to a lounge area that is furnished with plush upholstered seating with touches of modern metallic hardware that makes the area sleek yet cosy - the perfect place for informal discussions or some time alone.
The primary working area maintains a pristine white palette which complements the signature corporate colours of FWD. These details also serve to reinforce the strong identity of the company, cultivating a strong sense of morale and community within the office.

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