As a company that puts emphasis on boundary-pushing science- and collaboration-led innovations, it was only fitting that the work environment of this multinational pharmaceutical company reflects their brand vision using an efficient spatial language. PAND leveraged on this to devise a strategic composition of work areas that are based on different activities and purposes.
We designed different styles of spaces that fit together in unique ways to create paths, intersections, collision zones and destinations to facilitate meaningful connection between employees and guests.

The goal was to have better utilization of the existing space by creating a more collaborative environment with a fresher look and feel.
While the company's global values are at the forefront of their office's design concept, they also wanted a touch of local flavour that signifies their presence in Indonesia. The lobby reception engenders this requirement with timber ceiling details featuring delicate weaving patterns reminiscence of Javanese batik.
The wooden grilles are indeed a key feature of this office. We designed it with linear geometric patterns to create a "moving" shape. This unique interior feature ties in well with the rest of the furnishing elements, which were all meticulously selected to achieve a calm work environment that will ignite team spirit and boost creativity.

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